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2018 new math graduate students

Welcome young mathematicians

Photo from left to right: Chatchai Noytaptim, Blaec Bejarano, Danial Wentland, Julissa Valenciano, Nachuan Zhang, Hannah Barta, Slade Sanderson, Melissa Scarborough, Arthur Mills, Illyssa Overton, Stacey Vaughn, Ryan Fisher, Paula Salazar Vasconez, David Guillory, Jeff McCourtney, Chifan Leung, Ben Toomey, Paul Dalenberg, Jose Fernandez, Chung-Ping Lai, Barton Gattis, Naren Vohra, Greg Detweiler.

The Department of Mathematics welcomes a new group of graduate students! The graduate cohort of 2018-19 is the largest ever, with 23 students entering their first year of regular study at Oregon State, one exchange student from France, and another who is getting a concurrent degree in Engineering. We also have three students beginning their Accelerated Masters Platform-ramp year. Two of our cohort have received recruitment awards: Hannah Barta is a Provost Scholar, and Nachuan Zhang is a recipient of Wei Family award. Congratulations! Please join Graduate Committee in greeting them and wishing them success in their first year.