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Opportunities in Mathematics

Elaine Swanson in Nepal, 2019.

Post-baccalaureate student Elaine Swanson attended the CIMPA Summer School in Mathematical Biology in Kathmandu, Nepal and the Second International Conference on Applications of Mathematics to Nonlinear Sciences in Pokhara, Nepal.

Explore hands-on experiences in mathematics

As a mathematics major at Oregon State University, you will have the opportunity to engage in exciting activities outside the classroom, bolstering intellectual, professional and personal development. Many of our students conduct research with award-winning College of Science faculty or industry partners, leading to important and lasting relationships with faculty mentors and fellow students.

Research experiences

Hands-on research, whether it takes place behind the desk or the lab bench, is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have as an undergraduate student. There are many opportunities from the College, university and beyond to receive funding while you conduct research that inspires you!

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Study abroad

Immerse yourself in global communities and cultivate social and cultural skills in a professional environment. These experiences expand your thinking and help you develop an invaluable global perspective.

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Internships provide the opportunity to work under the direction of a supervisor where you will learn first-hand what mathematicians do in a professional setting. Often, your internship will take place in an industry where products or services are sold for profit or a governmental or academic agency where people use mathematical tools to inform the world we live in.

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With demand for data scientists projected to grow 34% between 2014-24, the ability to produce useful insights from complex data has never been in greater demand. The hard work you put into your classes translates to excellent career opportunities after you graduate — in fact, math graduates have consistently ranked among the highest in terms of starting salaries and job prospects. Our graduates have been recruited to prestigious positions, including analysts for Deloitte, research scientists at Adobe, software engineers at Nike and HP and prestigious graduate schools and professorships around the country.

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While a strong background in mathematics is one of the best ways to launch a successful career, that doesn't necessarily make choosing the right career any easier. Start by exploring our collection of career resources for math students, and don't forget that our advisors are always here to help!

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Find a job on campus

Gain mastery over your coursework and get a job on campus helping your peers. Earn credits by tutoring at the Mathematics Learning Center, get paid to tutor student-athletes or grade exams in mathematics courses.

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Want to be a math teacher? A degree in mathematics from Oregon State is excellent preparation for a career in teaching in conjunction with a secondary teaching emphasis or a double degree in math and education. And we have the resources to help!

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