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Teaching FAQ

Teaching FAQ

At OSU there are two possible ways for math majors to do this. The first is to major in mathematics with the Secondary Teaching Emphasis and then complete an MS in Mathematics Education. The second route is to complete two Bachelor's degrees (Education Double Degree): a BS degree in mathematics with a second BS degree in Education.

Oregon has reciprocity agreements with many other states in the United States. These agreements vary from state-to-state, and complete information can be found at this site.

Our Undergraduate Mathematics Handbook is your primary source for detailed information about all our degree programs. In addition, you can use the What-If tool in MyDegrees. For the teaching option be sure to enter both the major (Mathematics) and the option (Mathematics:Secondary Teaching Emphasis).

Most details of the program are given here. For more information, please contact the Program Coordinator at 541-737-1546.

In MyDegrees, separately enter the two majors (Mathematics and Pre-Education) in What-If. You can also consult the webpage on the College of Education site. Other information can be obtained from the College of Education. Karla Rockhold is the advisor for the Education Double Degree. To arrange an appointment with her, call 541-737-4661.

This combination degree requires 32 credits in addition to the 180 credits required for a BS degree (for a total of 212 credits). Student teaching and pedagogy classes comprise the final year of study. The primary degree requirements for mathematics and the prerequisite courses for Education must be completed before being accepted to the Professional Level/Student Teaching Cohort. Occasionally, students are able to complete these requirements within three years so that they are eligible to begin student teaching fall term of their fourth year at OSU.

It is possible to do so by completing a BS in Education and a BS in another degree program provided additional upper-division courses in mathematics are taken. Please contact an advisor in the College of Education to obtain information. To arrange an appointment, call 541-737-4661.

Teacher salaries depend on the type of degree (BS versus MS) and also on the number of graduate level credits earned after the degree. For more information on teacher salaries, refer to this document.

A masters degree in mathematics is required to qualify for a permanent teaching position at most community colleges. A doctorate is required to be a permanent faculty member at four-year colleges and universities.