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Gender Diversity and Transgender Resources

Gender Diversity and Transgender Resources

OSU Mathematics Supports Gender Diverse Students

Gender diverse students and faculty are important members of the mathematics community and culture. We value them as individuals, their contributions, and we commit to supporting them in the department. Part of that support includes ensuring that available resources are easy to find and effectively explained.


The term gender diverse is inclusive of all gender identities, which includes transgender, non-binary, gender-neutral, and agender identities, among others. The term cisgender refers to individuals whose gender identity aligns with their sex assigned at birth, and it is not a diminutive term. Many of the external resources in this document are written with transgender individuals in mind, and the language reflects that; yet, they can still be useful for other gender diverse individuals who may or may not consider themselves to be transgender.


We will use name in reference to what an individual uses in their daily life, and legal name in reference to what is used for the individual on legally-binding documents. Many gender diverse individuals have a name that is different from their legal name. This can be challenging for students when OSU defaults to their legal name for class rosters and other public areas. OSU allows students to update their name-in-use, which changes how their first name appears in non-legal public services, including class rosters, advising, and classroom settings. If a student’s name is different from their legal name, they can request a name-in-use through the registrar at this link. They are not required to have a court-ordered name change to use a name-in-use, and they can change their name-in-use more than once. Note: a name-in-use does not change a student’s email address. After changing a name-in-use, you can request your username be changed.

Broader queer community in mathematics

Being visible is meaningful for many members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and having a visible community can foster connections, mentorship, and support. Out in STEM and Spectra are two mathematical and scientific communities of queer individuals and allies. The graduate student union, CGE, also has a Pride Caucus that addresses issues for the queer community.

Medical Services at OSU

Some gender diverse individuals decide to seek gender-affirming medical services. OSU Student Health Services offers gender-affirming medical care, and their staff are well-informed of current medical standards and practices. Medical services and resources outside OSU include:

Legacy Health

Outside in

The Equi Institute

Transgender Health Program at OHSU

Cascade AIDS Project

Prism Health

List of Medical Providers in Eugene:

Gender-Inclusive Restrooms

Gender-inclusive restrooms can be found using the OSU campus map by clicking on the ‘gender inclusive restrooms’ toggle under the search bar.

Harassment Reporting

OSU takes harassment and discrimination very seriously, including on the basis of gender identity. Harassment and discrimination can be reported at

Legal Resources

National Resources:

The Transgender Law Center

National Center for Transgender Equality

Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund

Lambda Legal

Legal Resources in Oregon:

LGBTQ+ Bar Association of Oregon

Bureau of Labor and Industry guide to workplace rights

Rights of LGBTQ+ People in Oregon

For Housing Discrimination: Fair Housing Council of Oregon

Basic Rights Oregon: Guide to changing your name and gender markers

Vocabulary Guides from GLAAD


Vocabulary Guide

Guide to writing about gender divers people

Educational Resources

Teaching Beyond the Gender Binary in the University Classroom

Oregon State CTL Guide on Gender Inclusive Language in the Classroom

Gender Identity and Personal Pronouns with Syllabus Guidance

The Safe Zone Project: A free training for educators to help make their classrooms more inclusive for LGBTQ+ people

Other Information
Being a Trans Mathematician: A Q&A with Autumn Kent

The U.S. Transgender Survey. This is the largest survey devoted to the lives and experiences of transgender people across the United States

Summary report for Oregon

Tips for Allies of Transgender People