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DEJAI Teaching Resources

DEJAI Teaching Resources

Mathematical Association of America Instructional Practices Guide

From the MAA, "... this guide is written from the perspective that teaching and learning is a force for social change. Beyond the confines of individual instructors’ classrooms, beyond their decisions about what mathematics to teach and how to teach it, there are societal forces that call upon all mathematics instructors to advocate for increased student access to the discipline of mathematics. Inequity exists in many facets of our society, including within the teaching and learning of mathematics. Because access to success in mathematics is not distributed fairly, the opportunities that accompany success in mathematics are also not distributed fairly. We in the mathematical sciences community should not affirm this inequitable situation as an acceptable status quo. We owe it to our discipline, to ourselves, and to society to disseminate mathematical knowledge in ways that increase individuals’ access to the opportunities that come with mathematical understanding."

Mathematical Association of America

The MAA advocates teaching and learning by fostering the open exchange of ideas about the teaching and learning of mathematics and by developing and promoting research-based instructional resources and practices. These blog posts address teaching and learning.

American Mathematical Society

This is a blog about underrepresented groups in mathematics. The main goal of this blog is to discuss issues pertaining to marginalized and underrepresented groups in mathematics. We hope that by increasing awareness of these issues, we will help develop a more inclusive, supportive, and diverse community of mathematicians.

Teaching to Everyone

Pedagogical resources that are designed to aid faculty as they prepare to teach a Difference, Power, and Discrimination course. These resources range from creating inclusive classroom environments to addressing issues specific to international students in the classroom.

Writing for Change

A flexible teaching resource for instructors to be able to find and prepare writing exercises, relevant to a range of issues related to difference, power, and discrimination.

Discussion Starters

Classroom discussion starters from the Difference, Power, and Discrimination Program through Oregon State University.

Inclusive Pedagogy

A method of teaching in which instructors and students work together to create a supportive and open environment that fosters social justice and allows each individual to be fully present and feel equally valued.

Francis Su's Writings

Francis Su, former president of the MAA, has written a number of articles and a book (Mathematics for Human Flourishing) on inclusive teaching in mathematics.